TRX chest press or TRX push-up is the most common TRX chest exercise. Since chest muscles are big, they need more challenge than small muscles. For hypertrophy purposes, aim for 8–12 repetitions and 4–5 sets.

1. TRX Push up

This is another variation of this exercise. In TRX push-up feet in strap, instead of holding handles, we put hands on the ground like a regular push-up and put feet in TRX foot cradles.

TRX Push-up Feet in Strap

TRX Push-up Feet in Strap

TRX Single Arm Push-up


The TRX Single Arm Push-up, also known as TRX single arm chest press, requires great strength, stability, and balance.

TRX Chest Fly


Body positioning in TRX chest fly is similar to TRX push-up. In TRX chest fly arms remain extended and because of that, according to the law of lever, chest muscle has to try harder to move the same amount of weight.

TRX Elbow Chest Fly

It's a variation of TRX chest fly. We can do TRX elbow chest fly both with single and double anchor points, but the main form of this TRX chest exercise is with double anchor point.

TRX Clock Press


TRX clock press is also known by other names such as TRX archer push-up or TRX chest press fly combo. Its name indicates that it’s a combination of TRX chest press and fly.

TRX Spiderman Push-up


In TRX spiderman push-up, there are three variations that progress as per difficulty.

TRX Inverted Push-up


One more way to target upper chest muscles with TRX is TRX decline push-up. It is also called TRX inverted push-up or TRX reverse push-up.

TRX Lower Chest Exercise

For TRX lower chest exercise, arms should be lower than chest level, and so the angle between arms and torso is less than 90 degrees. Your body positioning should be right below the TRX anchor point, and your torso should be slightly inclined forward.

TRX Chest Dips


TRX chest dip targets lower part of  the pectoralis major muscle.Using double anchor point instead of single anchor point is more suitable for TRX chest dip.

Training Systems in TRX Chest Exercises

TRX pyramid workout TRX drop set TRX superset TRX giant set TRX eccentric chest fly or eccentric push-up German Volume Training TRX plyo push-up Suspension fly hold