Single anchor and double anchor in suspension training to add variety and adjust the amount of pressure on the target muscle

We can use:

TRX Home Setup

In order to set up our homemade TRX anchor, we prefer not to use homemade TRX anchor with a carabiner. In effect, we would rather only use a carabiner when it is necessary.

TRX Locking Loop

after passing the TRX anchor strap behind a post, we pass handles through the anchor loop and stretch it. This way without using any carabiner and by only using the TRX strap itself we can create a TRX locking loop.

TRX length adjustment

We can Adjust the length of homemade TRX by wrapping anchor strap around a post, pipe or any attachment point.

TRX Anchor Carabiner

Instead of passing the strap through the anchor loop, we can use a TRX carabiner to lock the TRX suspension anchor loop to the rest of the strap. Using a TRX carabiner makes it easier to lock and unlock the anchor for TRX length adjustment

TRX Tree Setup

Sometimes the TRX anchor point height is out of reach. In that case, we can pass the anchor strap from above the high pivot and pull it down to lock it to a sturdy low anchor point.

TRX anchoring ideas for TRX low anchor point

TRX attachment point can be high anchor or low anchor. Some exercises require TRX low anchor point.

TRX anchoring ideas for hybrid TRX exercises

Using TRX suspension hanger strap, we can combine bodyweight training with weight training .

We can mount TRX on the wall or on the ceiling

Although TRX mount can be installed on the wall, the best option is to attach it overhead, That way, there is enough space to move in every direction.