7 Functional TRX anchoring ideas

In this comprehensive guide, we explore different TRX anchoring ideas that are mostly based on our homemade TRX straps, but they can be applied to the official TRX trainer as well since there is not much of a big difference in their structure.

TRX anchoring solutions and their various applications

By adjusting TRX anchor point, we can use TRX suspension trainer for different muscle groups, as well as adding variety to the exercise on the same muscle groups. Also, it is possible to increase or decrease the amount of pressure in some exercises by changing TRX anchor height.

Moreover, rather than using TRX single anchor point, we can develop our TRX anchoring solutions by using two separate TRX suspension anchors points. A dual anchor suspension trainer adds functions of gymnastic rings to the TRX training system. We can do that by using two separate TRX trainers. Using double anchor TRX is another way to change the angle of pressure and add variety to the exercise. Besides, in this manner, we can also increase or decrease the amount of pressure in some exercises.

Trx anchoring ideas for single anchor and double anchor
The difference between single anchor and double anchor in suspension training

TRX anchoring ideas: How to anchor Trx at home

In order to set up our homemade TRX anchor, we prefer not to use homemade TRX anchor with a carabiner. In effect, we would rather only use a carabiner when it is necessary. To exemplify how to anchor TRX at home: the less metallic material we use, the safer it is; particularly, to prevent possible damages to the anchoring point around the home. It is also more convenient to use a one-piece training device.

TRX Suspension Anchor Installation: TRX Locking Loop

To illustrate our TRX anchoring solutions by using homemade TRX anchor: after passing the TRX anchor strap behind a post, we pass handles through the anchor loop and stretch it. This way without using any carabiner and by only using the TRX strap itself we can create a TRX locking loop.

Trx anchoring ideas on how to anchor trx at home with a trx locking loop
Trx locking loop

TRX anchoring ideas for TRX length adjustment

Contrary to the official TRX, in this homemade TRX, handle straps are not adjustable. There are no adjustable cam buckles. What we have is just a long piece of a twofold strap. To adjust TRX installation height or to adjust TRX straps length, we use its homemade TRX anchor strap. That means, we can merely adjust the TRX bands from the point of anchor.

One simple way to manifest TRX anchoring ideas is by wrapping the homemade TRX anchor strap many times around a post, pipe, or any other anchoring point until it reaches a suitable length. Afterwards, pass handles through the anchor loop and stretch it.

Trx anchoring ideas for trx length adjustment

Later during the exercise whenever we need to lengthen or shorten our homemade TRX straps we unlock the homemade TRX anchor and unwind it or wrap it few more rounds and lock it again.

Trx Training Suspension Anchor Carabiner

In our TRX anchoring ideas, it is also possible to use a carabiner to lock the homemade TRX anchor. Instead of passing the strap through the anchor loop, we can use a TRX carabiner to lock the TRX suspension anchor loop to the rest of the strap. Using a TRX carabiner makes it easier to lock and unlock the anchor for TRX length adjustment, especially outdoors. In both TRX horizontal anchor point and TRX vertical anchor point, we apply the same TRX anchoring ideas by wrapping the homemade TRX anchor strap around a post or a branch of a tree and lock it.

Trx anchoring ideas with carabiner
Trx tree setup with carabiner

TRX anchoring ideas for high anchor point

TRX anchor point height depends on the type of exercise and is only limited to the length of our TRX strap. More importantly, the high anchor point should be sturdy enough to support more than body weight. Before using your TRX always test it by pulling it hard or by slowly suspending your bodyweight from it. Make sure the TRX suspension hanger strap and anchor point are strong and fixed before suspending your weight on t.

How to Anchor TRX Outside

Sometimes the TRX anchor point height is out of reach. In that case, we can pass the anchor strap from above the high pivot and pull it down to lock it to a sturdy low anchor point. This can be a tree trunk during outdoor exercise.

Trx anchoring ideas for high anchor point

TRX anchoring ideas for TRX low anchor point

In some exercises like TRX shoulder press, we should use TRX low anchor point. In this case, TRX anchor point should be lower than where we hold handles during the exercise. We can anchor TRX to the lower part of a post, the trunk of a tree, or any other robust anchor point according to different TRX anchoring ideas.

Trx anchoring ideas for low anchor point
How to attach trx to vertical pole

TRX Anchor Setup to Combine TRX with Weights

Even though TRX signifies bodyweight training, in our TRX anchoring solutions we do not want to restrict ourselves to the bodyweight. Rather, the best practice is to make use of all possible opportunities. To put it another way, we can utilize TRX trainer to lift weights.

For this purpose, we use TRX suspension anchor to hold weight then lift it using TRX handles. These TRX anchoring ideas allow us to use TRX the same way we practice with free weights and barbells. In other words, we can develop various TRX anchoring ideas to create a calisthenics weight training hybrid program.

We can lock the TRX anchor strap to a piece of stone, a sandbag, a bucket filled with stones or sand. This method of weight lifting has an advantage over utilising traditional weights, and that is micro-adjustment in the amount of weight by increasing or decreasing weights in the weight holder.

Trx low anchor point to combine trx with weights

Mounting TRX to Wall or Ceiling?

Trx mounting ideas

Amongst different TRX mounting ideas are wall vs ceiling mounting. It is always better to mount suspension trainer overhead, so that you have enough space to move in every direction. In case an overhead option is not available we can mount it to a wall.

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However, you can also purchase a door anchor for TRX suspension anchor installation behind a closed door. A better solution is using a wall mount and drilling it to a wall or ceiling.

For using suspension straps both indoors and outdoors, calisthenics rack is a better choice.

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Calisthenics Racks

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