TRX Pullover to Target Your Lats

TRX pullover primarily targets the upper latissimus dorsi or lats and to some extent chest muscles. It also targets shoulders and arms while engaging the core and stabilizer muscles. We consider it one of the back muscles workouts. This exercise is also called TRX lat pullover.

Here is the step by step guide:

  1. Adjust the Straps: Set the TRX suspension straps to an appropriate length.
  2. Position yourself facing away from the anchor point, and hold the TRX handles with an overhand grip. Arms are straight and slightly bent from elbows.
  3. Lean forward and allow the straps to drive your hands above your head slowly.
  4. Once the hands reach the top position, initiate pulling motion and bring your hands down to initial position. 
  5. Repeat.

TRX pullover is very similar to TRX roll-out, but in pullover the stretch is more from the arms than abs. In TRX roll out, however, we do emphasize the abs and limit the movement of the arms. Therefore, it is essential to keep tension on the target muscle, and in TRX pullover we engage back muscles.

TRX Kneeling Pullover

TRX Kneeling Pullover is also another variation of TRX pullover in which we kneel on the floor and perform this exercise. We can perform this variation in two forms: facing towards the anchor point and facing away from the anchor point.

Trx kneeling pullover
TRX kneeling pullover can be done while you are facing toward or away from the anchor point

We can do TRX pullover while facing towards the anchor point or facing away from the anchor point.

TRX Hinging Pullover

TRX Hinging Pullover is also another variation of TRX pullover, which is even more effective than the first variation. In this variation, we stand away from but face towards the anchor point as opposed to facing away from it.

  1. Stand facing the anchor point.
  2. Bend over from hips level to about 90 degrees. 
  3. Extend hands over head and hold handles at that level.
  4. Drop your upper body weight on the handles. 
  5. By pulling handles downward, raise your upper body to the standing position.
  6. Again drop upper body weight on the handles and slowly bend over to 90 degrees. 
Trx hinging pullover
TRX hinging pullover

In TRX hinging pullover, we rely on the weight of the upper body to generate resistance. Therefore, the majority of the movement is from the waist level. As always, the key is to keep the tension on the target muscle throughout the range of movement.

This workout have a similar pose to TRX hip hinge, so that from the look of it they are indistinguishable. The main difference between them is target muscle. In TRX hip hinge we drive force from hips, but in TRX hinging pullover we generate it from lats by pulling handles.

For all TRX pullover variations, we can use overhand, neutral, or underhand grip. TRX pullover is one of the back exercises and we can include it in our training plan beside other TRX pull-up exercises. TRX lat pull down which is also called TRX swimmer pull covers the lower end of a range of motion while TRX pullover covers the upper end of it. The combination of these two workouts form a perfect swimming specific exercise. 

TRX pullover can also be combined with TRX back row in one single movement which also another good workout for swimmers. Watch the video to see a demonstration of this specific movement. 

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