The best exercise
is the one
that is always accessible

The best gym is not the more equipped one but the one in your neighborhood, so that you can get there anytime you feel like

    3 weeks ago

    9 TRX Triceps Exercises to Sculpt Perfect Triceps 

    The triceps muscles, which are located opposite to the bicep, are in charge of extending the elbow. A benefit of…
    Calisthenics Crossfit
    2 weeks ago

    Crossfit vs Calisthenics: Body Shape and Athleticism

    For people who desire to live an active lifestyle, deciding on the best fitness plan is always a challenge. So,…
    Calisthenics Crossfit
    November 4, 2022

    How to Avoid CrossFit Knee Pain?

    Knee injuries are among the common injuries in various exercises. Runners, soccer players also sometimes suffer from them. This article…

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